Three Year Blog Anniversary And A Monkey Rapes A Frog

Today marks three years of scribbling in this blog. 365 days multipled by 3, is almost a million days of writing in a silly internet journal. Imagine how much I could’ve done with my life if I didn’t spend my nights typing away witty remarks and humorous prose. Well… truth be told, I probably would’ve just ended up spending the time on Netflix watching documentaries about poisonous snakes… so I guess the blog hasn’t been all that bad.

In the past year my blog has followed me from New York to six different countries and a handful of states, it’s seen me dating all sorts of girls in all sorts of places and didn’t judge me while I went back and forth between trying to get rich and chasing my dreams. It’s always there to listen to me while everyone else is busy with their lives and it waits patiently when I’m busy with mine. It gets me readers from all over the world and comments from my neighbors, still confused why is written on the mailbox in front of their building. It’s awesome when I get emails from random strangers telling me how much my blog helped them laugh at work and even cooler when someone emails me to tell me how much I suck at life (which I usually reply by sending them the video below).

I’m not monkeying around this next year… I’m getting a book deal! Thanks for reading, commenting and giggling… even if it’s quietly so your boss doesn’t hear.

Daniel Dickey

2 thoughts on “Three Year Blog Anniversary And A Monkey Rapes A Frog

  1. happy blogiversary! let me know when you’re rich so i can bill you for the therapy that i now need b/c of that video.

  2. Repair your blog title thatS a Chimpanzee.. soo standard I’ve seen frogs, squirrels,.you name it.

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