America Chooses Reality TV Over Reading

Because a large portion of the American population has chosen to forgo books and education for reality shows and diet cookies, we have continued to elect terrible representatives. Truly, for the last decade our country has been mired with politicians who suck blood from our stock market and eat pensions like Pringles. They start PACs, block traffic, and accept bribes….
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Three Ways To Reach Your New Year’s Resolution(s)

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As January fades away and your New Year’s resolution(s) turn into old bullet points on the fridge, it’s important to realign and revaluate your goal(s) for the year. Mainly because, in the three and half weeks since you compiled a list of “All The Awesome, Inspiring Things I’m Going To Do In 2014,” you have…
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Why America’s Greatest Days Have Not Yet Come

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“The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you can see.” – Winston Churchill It was Saturday evening and I was stuffing my face with greasy fries and a burger almost as big as the politically charged conversation happening at the table to my right. Given, it was the weekend; a time to binge…
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